Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial

The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial Board of Directors has established guidelines for honoring a fallen officer in Oklahoma. It is our hope that all law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma will adopt these guidelines as a way of honoring any law enforcement officer who dies in the line of duty in Oklahoma.  

 First, remember there is only one day of the year when all flags are to be flown at half staff by federal law (US Code, Title 4, Subsection 7m). That day is National Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th.




When any law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty in Oklahoma, all flags across the state should be lowered to half staff and remain at half staff until sundown the day of the fallen officer’s funeral.         

All law enforcement officers in Oklahoma should wear a black badge ribbon (mourning ribbon) across their exposed badges during this same period as a sign of honoring and mourning the fallen brother/sister law enforcement officer in our state.

Badge Ribbon Protocol


Traditionally law enforcement officers wear a black ribbon across their exposed badges during a time of mourning and /or during memorial services. The badge ribbon is very symbolic in law enforcement and should be worn with great respect.  

The following protocol may be used as a guideline for officers and individual law enforcement agencies as to when the wearing of a badge ribbon may be called for.

The badge ribbon should fit tightly around the badge. On most badges the ribbon is worn straight across the center of the badge. On star type badges, the ribbon should be worn diagonally from 1100 to 1700 hours, as if looking at the face of a clock.

Badge ribbons should be made of black ribbon or elastic ½ to ¾ inches wide. Black electrical tape should not be used as a badge ribbon.

Badge ribbons should be worn upon the death of an active officer, weather death is in the line of duty or not, from the time of the officer’s death until the end of the day of the officer’s funeral.

Badge ribbons should be worn while attending the funeral of a retired officer and should be removed after the funeral service.

The wearing of a badge ribbon is a show of respect for the deceased and their family. The badge ribbon should be worn by all officers while attending a memorial service for law enforcement officers.

Badge ribbons should be worn by all officers the entire day of National Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th of each year.

Of course the head of any law enforcement agency may direct that badge ribbons be worn by the officers when circumstances call for the agency to display an official time of mourning.

Oklahoma law enforcement officers have their own badge ribbon to wear at these times of mourning.

Oklahoma’s Badge Ribbon is made of ¾ inch black elastic embroidered in blue thread with the Choctaw tribal words "AIALHTO IMANUKFILA" which roughly translates "In Memory". Oklahoma is also from the Choctaw tribal language meaning “land of the red man.”

There is no minimum donation for the Badge Ribbons however all donations are appreciated.

Contact us at oklememorial@aol.com to order Oklahoma badge ribbons