Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial

John Zeke, Deputy U. S. Marshal

U. S. Marshal

  About 10:00 p.m. the night of Wednesday, February 14, 1872, Charles Goodard was brought in by the night clerk and night watchman and allowed to sleep off his intoxication in the offices of the Muskogee Railway station. About an hour later Goodard left. Shortly after that it was discovered the express chest had been unlocked and the $602 in it taken. Goodard was arrested the next morning and taken to Fort Gibson to be held until he could be taken to Fort Smith, AR for trial. About 11 p.m. that Thursday night gunshots were heard coming from near the railway station. Deputy Zeke was found to have been shot in the chest. He was taken to a near by hotel and a doctor sent for. Shortly afterwards the doctor arrived however Deputy Zeke died moments later. Before he died he stated that he had arrested someone in connection with the theft from the express chest when several teamsters interfered and shot him. Although a large posse was formed and pursued the assailants, no record has been found indicating if anyone was ever apprehended. Deputy Zeke was buried February 17th  at Fort Gibson.

Mark Henry Zelewski, Patrolman

Oklahoma City Police Department

  Zelewski joined the Oklahoma City Police Department on November 16, 1963. During the early morning hours of July 27, 1964, while riding in a one-man patrol car, Zelewski stopped a vehicle containing several suspicious men near N.E. 34th and Prospect after radioing a nearby unit to come assist him. When the backup unit arrived a few minutes later, Zelewski was found lying dead in the street. Robert Barnett pulled a .25 caliber automatic pistol and shot the policeman three times. He then took Zelewski’s service revolver and shot him a forth time. After an intensive investigation, several suspects, including brothers Marvin and Robert Barnett, were identified and arrested. The Barnett brothers were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Their sentences were later commuted to 50 years. Marvin Barnett claimed he was innocent and stated his brother, Robert, did all of the shooting. Mark Zelewski was survived by his wife, Vaughneille, one son and two daughters.